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English for speakers of other languages for Creole and Spanish Speakers (ESOL) – $550.00

(Includes – Work books and 5 hours of one on one tutoring)

   One-Time Payment.

Course Description:  (8 weeks 2 – 3 days per week)

This course develops listening and speaking skills in speakers of languages other than English and prepares them to function in educational, vocational and/or personal English-speaking contexts.

Students also perfect pronunciation,  increases listening comprehension and increases the focus on strategies and techniques of writing and composition while  developing reading proficiency, vocabulary, writing and grammar skills used for academic, career, or personal growth.

High School Test Preparation (State) – $450.00

(6 weeks 2 days a week includes instructional material and test fee)

   One-Time Payment.

Course Description: The length of the course is 8 weeks at which time students receive instruction and up to 5 hours of individual tutoring in the following subjects.  Tuition includes test preparation, book fee and initial test fee.

Reading/Language Arts (RLA)
Science Social Studies  


·        CPR, AED, First Aid - $50.00

Students enrolled in this course will learn through demonstration,

practice and theory where various CPR and First Aid Scenarios

will be presented. Students after being instructed will have the

opportunity to demonstrate the proper CPR/AED/First Aid method. 

   One-Time Payment.

·        DCF 45 Hour Test Prep -  $300.00


   One-Time Payment.


Courses Description:

The entire 45 hour training is hands on with lots of student participation.  Students enrolled in this course will have complete understanding and knowledge of the following subject areas through concrete and abstract learning.  The total course time is 6 weeks, twice a week.

Courses are as follows:

Part I

 1. Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations:  (6 hrs.) Overview of the state and local rules and regulations that govern the child care industry. 

2. Health, Safety and Nutrition: (8 hrs.) Childcare professionals are given an insight on how to identify the key principles of a healthy and safe child care environment as well as provide a basic understanding of child nutrition.

3. Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: (4 hrs.) Childcare professionals are provided with an overview of the various types of abuse and neglect, how to identify abuse or neglect and the legal responsibilities of mandatory reports, and the proper procedure for reporting.

4. Child Growth and Development: (6 hrs.)Childcare professionals are given basic understanding of the theories and principles of child growth and development, including the influences on child development, developmental characteristics, and the role of play in learning.

5. Behavioral Observation and Screening: (6 hrs.)   Childcare professionals are introduced to the principals on how to observe and screen children for possible development delays.


 Part II

1.       Infant and Toddler Appropriate Practices (10 hrs.) This course provides Childcare professionals with an overview of the importance and need for quality care for infant and toddlers

(Birth through 36 months)



 2.       Preschool Appropriate Practices (10 hrs.) The course provides an overview of the need for quality care for children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old.  Childcare

professionals are given an overview of the following areas: stages of

development, learning environments, health and safety practices, enhance

development and learning, creating a positive, caring community of learners,

positive guidance strategies, observation and assessment, relationships

with families, and quality caregivers.​


Preschool Teacher Training Academy  

The Preschool Teacher Training Academy is a 12 week training academy which prepares individuals wanting to work in the field of Early Childhood the necessary tools and training through Practicum and Theory.  (Classes are held 2 days per week)

Upon successful completion of our Training Academy, students are invited to participate in our Academy Graduation held in December of each year.



·         CPR/AED/First Aid

·         Licenses and ordinances

·         Communication

·         Classroom Management

·         Appropriate Practices

·         Themed based lesson plans

·         Accident reports and documentation

·         Medicine logs

·         Tracking and reports

·         Classroom Community

·         Preschool Math and Technology

·         Language in the preschool

·         Practical hours (for those not currently employed in Early Childhood)

·         Portfolios

·         Job Placement assistance


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